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Texas Stained Floor

By: Photographed In: Austin, Texas USA Date Uploaded: Description: Acid Stained and Scored Concrete Floor
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When should I stain my floor?

For new construction the preferred time to stain and seal your floor is after the framing is dried in and before mechanical. Make sure the framers
use blue chalkline and not red chalkline.  Once the floor is  stained and sealed, floor protection can be placed and construction can continue.  
Our average time needed to complete a project with minimal scoring is approximately 3-4 days.  

Also let your concrete finisher know that you will be staining  your floor and not to "burn" the surface.
We will also be available to provide onsite samples usually under the washer/dryer, refrigerator, cabinets, carpeted room or in the garage.

How Do you clean Stained Concrete?

We suggest cleaning with warm soapy water using simple green,
then use with Mop-N-Glo to maintain a brilliant shine.

Is the concrete waterproof?  Can It Stain?

The concrete is sealed making it water and stain resistant.  It is best to clean up spills as soon as possible, especially oils and acidic liquids.
Since 1999
Texas Stained Floor
Texas Stained Floor
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  • Stained Concrete
New Construction
- Staining & Waxing (no scuffing)
- Traditional staining and sealing
Existing Floors                                                
- Removal, Diamond Polish, Stain & Wax

  • Overlays
-Strong, thin, self leveling stainable overlays
  • Scoring
Diagonal Tile
Designs - Logos
Cola Stain
Reddish brown
resembling old leather
Black Walnut
Tortoise shell black with
brown marbling
Aqua Blue Stain
Soft blue patina with
undertones of green
English Red Stain
Terra cotta with rust and
soft brown hues
Green Lawn Stain
Soft grey green resembling
aged Italian marble
Golden Wheat Stain
Amber hued undertones
Vintage Umber Stain
Rich earthy brown
Acid-Stain Color Chart
Malay Tan
Buckskin suede tone with
caramel marbling  
Each stained concrete floor has unique characteristics. I will help
you decide which colors will look best on your floor.  Then we can
discuss a scoring pattern and size to use if any, and the effects it
has on the floors appearance.  We will also discuss borders and
border colors; a border can be just a scored line, with the same
color, or an additional color.  Next we will talk about final finishes.  
Remember you don't have to decide right away, during the
cleaning I can stain and seal a few samples on your floor for you
to look at.  You can be as involved in the process as you like, or
leave it all up to me.  

Just give me a call or send me an email, I'll be happy to
personally answer any questions.
Acid stained concrete floors in Austin, Tx
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